Messianic Ordination

Messianic Ordination

Become an Messianic Ordained Minister (Nazarene Roeh) or a (Nazarene Rabbi)

We Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem in conjuction with Messianic Congregation Kehila Elohei Kedem gives you full legal authority to begin your own independent church or ministry and perform all Nazarene Messianic Jewish services including Jewish marriage, Mikveh (baptism) and funerals. 

Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem will give you our support, backing, and counsel as you minister in your community.

We offer three (3) ways to Get Ordained:

1. Regular Minister Ordination


-Be a follower of Messiah Yeshua for at least one year.
-Have been practicing the Messianic Jewish faith for at least six months.
-Should agree with all 10 Bases of Nazarene Judaism.
-And pay an ordination fee of Only $45 for the Regular Minister Ordination 

Product Description

This  Regular Minister Ordination Includes:   

  • 1 Certificate of Ordination by our Ministry
  • 1 Title Certificate as Roeh Messianic Minister
  • 1 Letter of Good Standing
  • and a Pocket Ordination Card (Laminated in plastic)


  • Basic Handbook of an Ordained Minister
  • How to Establish you Congregation or Ministry     

Click the "Pay Now" button to submit the ordination fee of Only $45 

*Please after payment please fill the Ordination Application Form at the End

2. Basic Messianic Minister Kit 

NEW OFFER : Apply for both: The Messianic Minister Ordination and the Messianic Church Charter Chartership and have the complete package to start your messianic ministry for Only $99.00. A discount of $11.00 of the regular price.

Click the "Pay Now" button to submit the "Basic Messianic Ministry Credentials Kit" Fee of Only $99.00 (A Discount of $11.00 of the regular price)

*Please after payment please fill the Ordination Application Form at the End

3. Netzarim Rabbi Messianic Minister Kit

     All Messianic Netzarim Rabbi should be able to read and write Biblical Hebrew and Greek and the traditional Hebrew prayers used in Shabat's worship. He should have a good  basic knowledge of Jewish history and traditional Jewish writings (iMishnah, Talmud) and to be culturally familiar, comfortable, and involved in Jewish life.

 Requirements of the Netzarim Rabbi Ministry Credential Package:

-Be a follower of Messiah Yeshua for at least three years.
-Have been practicing the Messianic Jewish faith for at least three years.
-Should agree with all 10 Bases of Nazarene Judaism.
-You must provide contact information for two character witnesses
-You must provide  written statement of your walk with Yeshua and your conversion
-And pay an ordination fee of Only $145 for the Netazarim Rabbi Minister Credential Package

Product Description

This  Netzarim Rabbi Ministry Credential Package Includes:  

                                       Click the "Pay Now" button to submit 
                                the Netzarim Rabbi Ordination fee of Only $145

     *Please after payment please fill the Ordination Application Form at the End


Please allow 7 Business Days to Received your Ordination Papers

Note: -Ordination can be revoked by this Ministry Church at anytime if the minister does not maintain a scriptural standard of behavior that is consistent with that of this church and the Torah`s laws, so keep your standing with this ministry up to date. Every 2 years you should writte a letter requesting a renewal of your wallet credential and a letter of good standing, for a $21 fee. 

-We keep records of all ministers that are commissioned, licensed, ordained, active, inactive, and revoked. No information is given to anyone unless you authorize it in writting.

If you still have any questions about this procedure or about the Application Form.  Please Contact us to our email: or use our Contact Form here