Ordination Directory

Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem (MKM inc) - Minister  Directory

        This is an Ordination Directory of all our publicly listed ministers. All of them are legal Netzarim Messianic Ministers (Roeh) ordained by this Ministry and ready to perform a marriage in accordance with the Tanack and the Netzarim Scriptures.

       When you get ordained with our ministry you are entitled to have your information listed in our Minister Directory. For states that require you as a minister to be in a published directory; your directory listing could satisfy those requirements.

This Directory is for:
  1. Marriage agencies to validate your ordinations
  2. Serves as record of our congregation
  3. For couples seeking a wedding officiant

NAME                                          LOCATION                         ORDINATION'S DATE

Juan Dutel                                   Caracas, Vzla                                   05/02/2015

Morelia Ramirez                          Caracas, Vzla                                   05/02/2015

Dennis Lebron                             Miami, FL - USA                              11/01/2017

Brandi Hudson                            Columbia, TN - USA                        11/01/2017

Youssef Ben Izrael                      Temple, AR - USA                           11/01/2017

Jackie Rondon                            Monagas, Vzla                                 02/17/2018

William Franks                            Shreveport, LA - USA                      02/22/2018

Wesley Brooks                            Dayton, OH - USA                           03/15/2018

Quinton Lee Washington            Bellingham, MA - USA                     03/15/2018

Rebeca Bendayan                      Paris, Francia                                   03/24/2018

Heriberto Jimenez Ramos          Visalia, CA - USA                             02/04/2018

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