Ordination Directory

Worldwide Ministry Elohei Kedem  - Minister's Directory

When you get ordained with our ministry you are entitled to have your information listed in our Minister Directory. For states that require you as a minister to be in a published directory; your directory listing could satisfy those requirements.

This Directory is for:

  1. Marriage agencies to validate your ordinations
  2. Serves as record of our congregation
  3. For couples seeking a wedding officiant

NAME                                          LOCATION                         ORDINATION'S DATE

Juan Dutel                                   Caracas, Vzla                                   05/02/2015
Morelia Ramirez                          Caracas, Vzla                                   05/02/2015
Dennis Lebron                             Miami, FL - USA                              11/01/2017
Brandi Hudson                            Columbia, TN - USA                        11/01/2017
Youssef Ben Izrael                      Temple, AR - USA                            11/01/2017